Why Billy O'Connell

Billy O'Connell has years of experience in identifying and solving issues in the community.

He works to bring in new development while creating and protecting jobs, the environment, and public safety.

He is fiscally responsible and brings that same taxpayer watchdog approach to the Huntington Beach City Council.

A Vote for Billy O'Connell is a Vote For Stability, Growth, and Leadership

Public Safety

  • Expand uniform presence and rebuild our specialized service.
  • Provide state of the art equipment and training for our officers.

Billy is a former law enforcement officer. He is willing to take responsibility for public safety and recognizes how important a safe city is to our seniors and all of our residents and visitors in our city.

Business Development / Jobs

  • Encourage more public/private partnerships.
  • Streamline permit and legal processes.
  • Reduce the red tape and roll out the red carpet for our business community.
  • Creating good paying jobs.

Billy is a member of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce. Billy will make sure we have a business friendly city hall. We need to make Huntington Beach welcoming to new business to help our economy grow and protect our existing businesses.

Infrastructure / Clean Beaches

  • Protect our, beaches, parks, and wetlands.
  • Aggressive maintenance of existing facilities.

Huntington Beach is Surf City. We love our beaches, they are at the heart of our culture and vital to our tourism and economy. We need protections in place to keep them clean and safe. Beach bonfires are a cherished way of life and we must preserve them.

Billy O'Connell

7372 Prince Drive, Suite 102
Huntington Beach, CA 92647